Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It took two days........

but I found what I was looking for!  Before I tell you that story, I will give you the update on the "House Sale" (yet again!).  So the offer is conditional on financing and inspection - the time runs out 5:00 P.M. Friday January 14th (that way we can go ahead with the weekend Open House if it doesn't go through)!  So tomorrow is the house inspection scheduled between 2 - 4 P.M. however, we have not heard back about the financing, so, I am still crossing fingers and toes (and walking funny) but if they can't prove financing it will be a no go!

So - back to my story!  What was I looking for?  Well, last night was the first meeting of our new Sampler Club - Dear Hannah, Dear Jane, The Farmer's Wife is Nearly Insane! and since some of the girls want to do The Farmer's Wife - I was looking for the book and the blocks I had done, started last year.

I started looking Monday night, all over the house, mostly in the studio where I have been keeping all of my quilting projects and I came across the large plastic container with the fabrics I had been using to make the blocks.  However, the book and the blocks were no where to be, next stop, the townhouse, where Rich and Jonathan had deposited all of the packed boxes from the studio.

Yesterday at around noon Rich and I drove over to the townhouse and went through all of the boxes that were packed.  His comment of course was, "You could open another quilt store in the house with what you have here!"  As if!  These men just don't understand the word STASH!!!!  Not to mention all of the projects, patterns and books!  In any event, after 2 hours of searching - nothing!  So back to the house to give another once over in the studio (I thought maybe I put them in a drawer or cupboard) - nothing again! 

Last place to look - the store!  In the meantime, I wanted to work on doing all of the pricing of the stuff that came in!  It was class time before I knew it and I didn't really have time to look thouroughly!  The class started and I headed for the storage room to look!  I managed to clean up a good portion of the storage room but no book, no blocks!  So far I only knew where it wasn't and after 2 hours of looking the class was about to end and I was no further ahead......I was frustrated, upset and depressed, thinking I'll just have to start over again!  At 10:00 P.M. Nancy and I went home!

So again, where did I find them?  On Sunday I had a customer who wanted to know how to do Sashiko, so I went to the back storage room and pulled out my basket of Sashiko.  I gave her a quick lesson, showed her the thread and then decided to take the basket home with me for something to do when I'm watching TV.  I found a Sobey's bag under the table in the classroom, I looked into it and found a flannel project I had wanted to start, so I just dumped the Sashiko into the bag and took it home.  I put it at the side of the couch in the living room and took the Sashiko basket out and put it on the coffee table.  Around 11:30 P.M. last night I decided to see what had to be done to start the flannel project and took it out of the bag!  Underneath the pile of flannel was the Farmer's Wife with all the blocks in the book!!!!  I just started laughing!  I mean how dumb can you be and isn't it always in the last place that you look!  The upside is, that I got half the storage room cleaned up!

So without further ado - here is the book and the blocks!  (I haven't found all the templates yet!?!?!- but I'm sure they'll turn up!)
 Blocks 1 and 2
Block 4 
 Block 6
Block 9 
 Block 11
Blocks 15 and 16 
 Block 21
Block 29 
10 Blocks done - only 101 to go!  I am so relieved that I found them!  Since I am doing them by hand, I am even more I can get back to them!  Not to worry, Molly's Meadow has not been forgotten.  Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow night for Molly....

There's also another plastic container somewhere with more fabrics and probably the templates I'm missing for this quilt so I'll certainly have to find that as well but I can make more templates and find more fabric if I need to - that's not an issue at my day ended well!

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. I remember you showing me these last year and I was really impressed when I saw how nicely they went together.
    Your searching about for MIA's made me laugh and boy do I know the feeling. Drives you nuts when you KNOW you have something and can't find it for love nor money.
    Joanne, just get used to the brain farts, they start coming quicker as we get older!